Destiny is a mirror of character - A strong character wins battles with challenges, and a weak character blames others or takes advantage of them.


Some chapters from the history of astrology

Christopher Columbus discovered America by accident, but he set out with the help of astrology. Regiomontanus' table of planets, the map of Toscanelli, and the ephemeris of Zacuta were used by Columbus for his celestial calculations and for navigation on the high seas. He directed his hourglass towards the transit of the Sun. He skillfully predicted a lunar eclipse and predicted the weather with the help of astrological knowledge – tex because of the aspect of Mercury and Jupiter, he knew that a tropical storm was coming, so he sheltered his ships. He embarked on a great journey because of the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. He also learned this knowledge from Pierre d'Ailli, a French cardinal, theologian and astrologer. The great conjunctions are millennial and have coincided with natural disasters such as earthquakes, great floods, the death of Moses, the   birth of Jesus - bringing significant changes to the world.


Astrology is also the beginning of science, because it gave rise to mathematics, astronomy, timekeeping, medicine, modern chemistry, optics. Logarithms actually were invented to calculate horoscopes.


If the Moon is connected to rivers, tides and ebbs and there is more than 70% water in a person, why wouldn't it affect us as well. This is why there are good and bad moods that depend on the position of the Moon.


Man and Earth are an inseparable part of the infinite Universe. Earth lives in the common rhythm of other planets. Tides, solar activity, energy we receive from the Sun and other planets are factors that condition life on Earth. Although the gravitational influence of the Sun on the Earth is much greater than that of the Moon due to the large mass of the Sun, the tidal influence of the Moon is greater, primarily due to its proximity. The mean distance of the Moon from the Earth is 384,405 kilometers. The diameter of the Moon is 3,476 km. The Moon is one of the largest satellites in the solar system, which is why there are many visible influences of the Moon on the Earth as its parent planet. Just as the Moon illuminates the surface of the Earth due to the reflection of the Sun's rays, the Earth also illuminates the Moon in the same way. This phenomenon is called "ash light", and it can be clearly observed in the small phase of the Moon (quarter). The Moon always shows us the same side of its surface.

Moon in horoscope

Let's be honest - today every person knows in which zodiac sign she or he  is born, in which sign her or his Ascendant is and in which sign her or his Moon is.


The Moon in the horoscope symbolizes the soul, mother, wife, family, people. Astrological Moon is pure emotion and our inner world. It tells you how emotionally you give and how emotionally you receive. The Moon symbolizes our intimacy and our privacy, and our compassion. It symbolizes our forebodings and presentiments, our tides, our eyes, our reactions and impulses, our daily mood swings. Under the influence of the Moon we speak from the soul. It maintains our memories and emotional connections with childhood. It affects our vision, the human in us.


Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system and the closest to the Sun, 4,880 km in diameter. In astrological terms after the Moon Mercury is the fastest planet. Seen from the ground it is always quite close to the Sun, up to 27 degrees.


He is mythologically known as a creature who wore winged sandals, a helmet and a messenger stick. In Greek mythology better known as Hermes-god of borders, travelers, literature, the one who carried messages from Olympus to mortals, while in Roman mythology Mercury symbolized the God of trade, travel and thieves.


We associate Mercury with Wednesday, a day that is in the middle of the week, and that’s why stores should be open longer on Wednesdays — some department stores in the world  have applied this advice.


As Mercury rises and sets with the Sun, so it symbolically speaks of the connection of mind and body.


Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, with a diameter of 143,000 km. It goes around the Sun in 11.86 years. Its magnetic force is 20,000 times stronger than the earth's and emits radio waves. There are 15 satellites, of which Ganymede, Callisto, Io and Europa can be seen with an ordinary telescope from the Eart. In Roman mythology, Jupiter had the same role as Zeus in Greece. He was the father and lord of the gods, he defeated the Titans, overthrew his father Saturn, gave Neptune the sea, Pluto (Hades) hell, and kept heaven and Earth for himself. They called him Jupiter Optimus Maximus. In Greek mythology, he was the god of the sky and thunder, his wife Hera gave birth to many offspring and was actually the only one who knew how to restrain him with her possessiveness.

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