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Work / Business: You are more interested in work than in a big career. It will be very important to you how much you are paid, what your colleagues are like at work and whether you have to work longer than regular working hours. It could be briefly said that work and your life in 2023 will have a range from very beautiful to confusing and less pleasant situations. Mentally, the strongest and most mature Virgos born on September 20th – 22nd will dare to take a big step forward in work and in life, in the family. What does that mean? Well, it is individual. Someone will accept promotion at work to a high position, regardless of the fact that they have not had such experience before. Someone will decide to retire and devote himself to a more pleasant life and be a great help in his family, as a support to the younger or as a help to the elderly. These are equally big and brave decisions. Virgos between the ages of 29 and 50 have minor but very pleasant job changes, either in the company where they already work, or to change the company and some even the country. It will mostly be due to the possibility of better earnings, better salary and easier work.

The most intensive period at work is your first 3 months. There is no place to rest and you will often have to work for others. You can expect errors of a technical nature, and this has been happening to you often lately. To you who were born August 23rd – 31st, Saturn shows mistakes from the past, maybe you didn't complete your education, maybe you didn't treat yourself right and you allowed yourself to be a victim. So, you have to adapt and try to correct those mistakes, and don't suffer from scruple. Those born on September 16th – 20th will receive fake business offers, so check the facts. It is easiest for Virgo who work abroad or in the fields of education, law and tourism. All paths of progress and enjoyment of work are completely open to you. It's just up to you to take advantage of everything and enjoy it.


Love, family, friendships: According to the planets, love looks like that movie "You will fall in love with a tall, black, handsome stranger". Well, that scenario should happen to you Virgos who love traveling abroad, but also to you who meet foreigners in your own country for work or friendship. People travel and meet with foreigners, of course, that also happen in the neighborhood, all around us. Someone may need you to show him or her your city, so something more sparks from the acquaintance. Time is good for love, whether you already have it and enjoy it, or whether you want to at least start a romance. And then you will be even more beautiful in October.

In the family, older members, grandparents, will rely on you and you will be their practical help and their comfort. That's why you need to hear and see them regularly, even if sometimes it will be a renunciation on your part.

For some of you, your parents will show disagreement with your love choices, but you should think about yourself and not give in to their pressure. Everyone is the maker of their own happiness - be yourself.


Message and advice: It is important not to forget about yourself, to take care of yourself, to eat healthy, to rest enough and to cultivate optimism. These are postulates for your physical strength and for your inner happiness. Every problem can be solved. Everything you think about yourself is what others will think about you. That's why you should think about yourself in the best way.