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Work / Business: You are one of those zodiac signs that can do the most complex jobs, even the most difficult ones, in a casual way, with a smile on your face. You are fast but often superficial in order to get as much done as possible in a short time. But also when you focus on something and set something for yourself, then you achieve it. In 2023, a colorful mood awaits you, a diversity of business obligations and frequent wishes for change. In the first 3 months, everything goes smoothly and that's when you should try to do as much as possible, and especially - you should finish what you started in the past year. You know the one - when it goes, it goes. Finishing what has been started is very important, because from April everything can get complicated for you, and it is exactly unfinished business and obligations that suddenly become a problem. If you can't do it yourself, then ask for the help of others, namely your colleagues. All for one, is a very nice saying. For the first decade of Sagittarius, which means you were born November 23rd - 30th, Saturn will complicate and slow down everything that your bosses have to approve, as well as people in the administration from whom you will need various certificates and permits. It is recommended that you prepare everything well and hand it in before the deadline or have someone else do it for you. Patience, persistence and honesty with yourself and others will make everything you do easier.

The summer months will be very pleasant for you, everyone who was born under the sign of Sagittarius or whose Ascendant is in Sagittarius. Then your dexterity and your creativity will come to the fore, especially if you work in tourism, with services and services, in sports, in the theater, organizing concerts and the entertainment industry.


Love, family, friendships: Have faith in love even when you are disappointed. I say this because love affairs and accidents will cause confusion for you who were born on December 14th – 19th. The probability is that you will be seduced by a person whom you realize is not what he or she pretends to be, thus bringing chaos into your life. It is possible that you commit some sin to your loved one and get entangled in your own lie. That's not very convenient, is it? So don't disturb the spring water.

Love relationships with foreigners, foreign women and people of another culture will convince many of you that the world is small and that race, skin color, origin, none of that plays a role when it comes to love. Throughout history, people have fallen in love with complete strangers and found their happiness. You young Sagittarius are open to the world and connect quickly and easily with other cultures. So enjoy it regardless of what your elders tell you.

Family relations will be in the foreground for you Sagittarius who are in middle age, because you will have to take care of your parents or inheritance from your parents. Have patience.


Message and advice: The most important thing in life is health, both physical and mental. We can influence it preventively (diet, lifestyle, optimism) but also with regular medical checks and examinations.