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Work Business: Distant countries, trips abroad with a specific goal, legal affairs of all kinds, higher education and specializations, religious-moral-philosophical issues, temporary or permanent relocation to a completely different cultural environment or abroad - all that I just mentioned - to you Lions are strongly emphasized in the first half of 2023. That's why it's smart to get involved in at least some of it and set it as your goal. Because Jupiter in a good mood gives you only one chance that you should take advantage of. Also, in all the mentioned areas there are great opportunities for advancement in business, for great incomes, for great changes in your favor, for finding solutions that you have been looking for a long time. Well, everything depends on you and your initiative. If you put in the effort, it will be easier than you think or expect.

For the first two months, you who were born August 15th – 22nd have an insecurity and mistrust of people, and this is reflected as a lack of support from those bosses and authorities from whom you expect support, but whom you personally do not like. Be patient and a little more humble, because that's the only way you can win their affection and help. Sometimes you have to let others have the main role. You can turn the nervousness you feel into creative and slightly crazy business ideas, and solutions can be provided by informatics and modern technology. If you have a private business and if you are partners or co-owners with someone, you will have to reconsider that partnership/co-ownership relationship. Be fair to others, but also ask to be treated - honestly and fairly. May, June and July are the most work-intensive months for you. Prepare and organize well. Use the summer, June, July, August, September and October, to earn a lot of money and leave some of it as a reserve.


Love, family, friendships: You are the most dramatic in love, there is drama when you are not doing well and there is drama when you are in love. There is no middle ground. Your heart guides you and you decide with your heart. In the last year, most of you have been unsatisfied in love, especially those of you who have been in a relationship or marriage for a long time. You often thought about breaking up, you tried (clumsily) to repair the relationship, and occasionally you felt that it was better, and so on in a circle. Now things are clearer to you and you understand where you yourself have been wrong. Fix the thing, and if it doesn't work, then turn a new page.

You young Leos in 2023 have the enviable affection of Venus and Mars for a love relationship (or two) full of mutual passion, rapture. Everything will happen quickly and some of you will quickly decide to get engaged or live together. To be honest, when you are young you recognize love more easily and simply with your heart, and love still has a heart as a guide. And some of you younger ones who are still full of yourself will experience a break precisely because of your selfishness. Well, every school needs to be payed, and you have to learn your lesson.


Message and advice: Don't forget to cherish your friendships and be sometimes a comfort to your friends. Visit your friends abroad because it will change your worldview in a positive way.