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Work / Business: The first 4 months of 2023 Jupiter affects your work by giving you high expectations and hope for success, and this is good for your ego, for your self-confidence. However, most often everything remains on promises and your hopes. What is recommended for you during that time (so those first 4 months) is to improve your knowledge in business or to learn something completely new. This will come back to you a little later and you will be ready for the changes that will come for many of you Cancers in 2023. The first decade of Cancer, you who were born on June 21st - July 2nd  will feel relief and progress already in February, you who were born July 3rd - 12th , you will feel that relief in the April, and you who are born July 13th - 22nd from the middle of the May. Business abroad or thoughts and plans to go to work outside your country, start appearing and some of you could realize it already in March, and you have time until the end of the year, because you will have several concrete opportunities. You do not necessarily have to move abroad, but it is possible to get a job in a foreign company or in a city further away from the one where you currently live. If you are still studying, just bravely take the exams and you will have excellent results. The third decade of Cancer (you born July 13th - 22nd) will on several occasions fight with your own psyche and fears that will block you from acting. Try to overcome it somehow by talking about it openly with good friends, or seek professional help, or simply wait until you get stronger. Business partnerships are not recommended for you in 2023.

All Cancers whose profession is in the field of art, film, television and visual media will have good business success.


Love, family, friendships: Romantic love stories have already happened to many of you in the last year, especially those of you who were born on July 16th - 21st and indulge in that love idyll. Many young Cancers will enjoy love, especially in May when Venus is in your sign. Then you will radiate beauty inside and out and almost no one will be able to resist you. So be open to love and let a thousand flowers bloom.

Socializing, dating and friendships will be really intense, and that's what you'll remember the most about the year 2023. New and significant friendships will begin for many of you at the end of the year, in the November and December. Friends enrich your lives and are like family to you.

Within your family, you will be very active in the September. These will be different reasons, different for each of you. Some of you will arrange the family home, renovate or build, some of you will become independent from your family and go your own way, and some of you will try to reconcile quarreling family members.


Message and advice: Cancers of the second and third decade, who were born on July 4th – 13th, the best advice is to improve your physical condition with regular movement but without great efforts. You all can restore your mental strength with different techniques of relaxation and mental training. Find your style.