o andelki subasic

Welcome. These pages are for all of you who love and appreciate astrology and the people. Regardless of your knowledge about the universe and the influence of heavenly phenomena upon life on earth, I hope that you will find sufficient interesting information which will encourage your further fascination with astrology. Apart from personal advice my speciality is business astrology aimed at managers and business men from various business branches.


I graduated in economy at the faculty of Economics in Zagreb, then I have worked for years as a marketing manager. I began to be interested in astrology in 1994. I combined my two interests in a special branch of astrology called Business Astrology. My first astrological experience I have got in Sweden. There I began my methodical learning and professional specialization in giving astrological services.


In Croatia, city of Rijeka I have my office, named “Studio7” for personal and business astrology.


My book ''Take Your Destiny In Your Hands'' has been published in Croatian language and soon will be in English.


In cooperation with the Open University in Rijeka, I have organized and led the first formally verified program for the education and qualification of astrologist and astrology consultants. This has been approved by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of Croatia. I was the main lecturer in both programmes.


I have created my own On-line Master Course for distance learning and you can learn psychological and business astrology in your own time and place. We use e-mail and video calls in learning process. Join us and become a real master in astrology field.


Every day you can book your personal or business consultations. We can make a video call or telephone meeting.


Contact me on e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..